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Upstate NY neo-psychedelic ghouls, The Abyssmals, started as a project by founding member, Jarpon Reyes, the band formed shortly after a self-titled collection of demos was released in September of 2016. The Abyssmals quickly expanded to include members Bob Forget (guitar), Boris Cahrenger (bass), Benjamin Wessels (drums), and Muffy Reyes (percussion, organ, synthesizer). Upon assembling and performing out as a raucous and electrifying five-piece, The Abyssmals have grown an international audience and have had music featured on the several TV shows on network TV and streaming platforms. Their debut full-band album, ‘Gospels, Hymns and Other Trash!’ was released in April 2019.                    



The Abyssmals are...

Jarpon Reyes - Guitar & Vocals 

Muffy Reyes- Organ, Percussion & Vocals 

Boris Cahrenger - Bass & Vocals 

Bob Forget - Guitar & Vocals 

Benjamin Wessels - Drums & Vocals 

Like The Black Angels the group are taking their sonic palette cues from an era past, but shaking them out into a modern days with success. Already having a few tunes in Netflix The Punisher this group is making waves from Upstate, NY, as a complete record Gospels, Hymns and Other Trash! should be listened to at three in the morning with a good buzzing light show as the strobe lights and psychedelics both shine their high beams.


                                    - Rock The Body Electric

Quintessential instrumentation will drop listeners right into the bench seat of a ‘37 Split Window Ford, racing to Bikini Beach. Modern recording tactics keeps the sound recognizable but modern and tasty. 

                                  - NYS Music



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©The Abyssmals 

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